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Specializing in ABA training and education for parents and caregivers of children with special needs, including autism, intellectual disability, and other developmental disabilities


The ABA Parent Toolbox

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The ABA Parent Toolbox

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Empowering Parents with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Training

At The ABA Parent, we believe engaged, empowered parents are the key to creating positive outcomes for children. Our ABA Parent Toolbox is designed to enable parents to teach their children critical skills using the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis . The ABA Parent Toolbox is ideal to use as a supplement to ABA services, while waiting for ABA services and for those who lack access to services. The ABA Parent Toolbox provides crucial solutions.

Who is a Good Fit for The ABA Parent training Courses?

Any parent is a good fit for ABA training! Our specially developed ABA home training is designed to give all parents, regardless of experience level, the foundation necessary to help their children thrive, promote natural language and to teach new skills and behaviors through play and everyday routines.

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“We were concerned that our daughter wouldn't be ready for pre-school, but with The ABA Parent Toolbox, we were able to start helping her learn. The content was very engaging."

Heddy F., Albuquerque